The following 3 images are off canvas prints. Image 1 is off a 24" long x 10" high (made up of three 10" x 8" images). Canvas I supply come in any size upto 20 feet square. The 2 images below are of  size 14" x 16". All the canvas I do are washable. This is a new system. Previous canvas materail would 'damage' over time if washed, normally something carried out by a professional company that wasn't cheap. These can be done yourself with a damp cloth. (not in the washing machine or bath as it rots the wood).


 The image shown here is of a vinyl print. The photo is printed directlly onto vinyl. Available in most sizes, gloss or matt finish and FULLY HEAT RESISTANT.

Signing boards are also available. They are for your guests to sign and leave messages. Available in most sizes and start from £20

The images below are of framed pictures. Prices of these start at £40 this includes the photos. They are double mounted and the mounts can be changed to any colour. Picture 3 comes in a horixontal or vertical layout. They make a great wall hanging display of your wedding. Other mounted frames are available with your favourite football team, your name, daughter or son's name, your favourite car or place infact any design (please e-mail me for cost and stles of anything else)