A1 Photogenics 

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Boudoir Photography is becoming more and more popular with Brides to Be. A special present from a new Bride to her new Husband. With some nice and tasteful images either presented in a frame or an album.

 However it doesn't just have to be kept for a wedding present, it may be a Birthday gift, it may be a Valentine gift, it may just be because you love him, it may be a new you, it may be a......... whatever it is the choice is yours.

Imagine the look on his wife when he receives some lovely images or an album of his Wife/Girlfriend with a sexy smile.

Just remember there is no upper age limit, there is no restriction on size or shape.

So weather it's for your Husband or Boyfriend, or just cos you want to feel sexy it's up to you.


It can be done in a spacious warm clean studio or the comfort of your own home if you choose. 

All you need is your sexy lingerie, corsets, heels, stockings and suspenders or your wedding lingerie and of course a sexy smile.

 Boudoir Photography can be nerve racking so if you feel you need to bring a friend not a problem.

The cost per session is £180 for this you get

  • Privacy at all times
  • Make Up Artist
  • Fully Edited images
  • Option to upgrade or purchase other items.
  • On line password protected gallery. Controlled by you.

All presented in an 8" x 8"  10 page Digital Book,


Mounted frames

For more info and booking please contact us.