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Green Screen

What is Green Screen? I hear you say.

‘Green Screen' has been  used in the Photography and Videography industry for years.It has bee used on many television programmes, in films, and even on weather forecasts.

How does it work?

It begins with an object/people being photographed or videoed in front of a Green background or screen. Then using purpose designed software and editing equipment, the coloured background can then be transformed into many different landscapes. This process has has many different uses in the industry and can be used in commercial or entertainment shoots or media personal productions.

Once we have taken the photograph (can also been taken against a blue screen). The image will then be uploaded to a PC or Mac, using the special software it is then possible to transform your images into something entirely different.

We use it in Portraits and Proms, we also use it in our Photo booths at Weddings or Special events. Here are a few examples below


Once the image has been manipulated there is no end to what can be done