A1 Photogenics 

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Questions and Answers


What packages do you do?

A wide variety of packages ranging from the basic, bronze, silver, gold and Platinum. However if there is something you would like that is not listed please contact me and we can arrange something to suit your taste.


How long do you attend the wedding?

That depends on the package you choose. If the Bridal house is required this will be about 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony So anything from one hour before the ceremony and until the ceremony and main reception is over through till about 10.00 pm, if I am required for the evening reception.


How much time should you allow for taking photos after the ceremony?

Generally 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on place, groups and weather.


What shots are taken at the Bridal house?

Detailed shots of the Dress, flowers, shoes, jewellery and anything else that captures the special day.


How many images do you take?

There is no limit to the amount of images taken on the day. However a normal wedding day will produce anything up to 800 photos. Every photo taken will be placed on the CD for you to view. Only the very best will be placed in the preview album.


How does it all work with an album?

Once you receive the preview album it is yours to keep, I never have it back All photos will be numbered, so all I require is the number of the photo which will be enlarged & mounted in the album that you have chosen from the ones that I’ve done.


How long does it take to produce the album?

From the wedding day you will receive the preview album in 21 - 28  days, depending on the time of year either hand delivered by myself or by courier. From there you will have as long as you need to look through and pick your favourite ones for the album and then 4 - 6 weeks after I receive the order, again depending on time of year you will receive everything you have ordered. 


How do you produce your prints?

I use a professional lab based in the UK for the prints and digital photos.


What sort of photography do you do?

I will do what ever photos you want me to do. I will do the normal posed shots (Groups, Bride and bridesmaids, Groom and Best man etc.) as well as the natural shots of your guests to help capture the true nature of your day these will be discussed at one of two consultations.


How do you book me and how do you pay?

You can book me by calling 01793 337502 (home) or 07985 182473 (mobile), or by visiting www.photogenics1.com. A small deposit will secure the booking (usually £90), with the outstanding balance payable in full before the Wedding (usually 2 weeks before).


Will you meet us before the Wedding?

Once you have contacted me I will make arrangements to meet up with yourselves and talk through any further questions you may have and show you what you will expect to get on the day in question. We will ten meet again approx 4 weeks before the big day.


What type of camera do you use?

I use Nikon digital cameras. And with these I can offer your images in Colour, Black & White or other toned settings.


Do you keep a copy of all the images?

Yes I keep 2 copies of all images taken which are stored on CD, and kept in two different locations.