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Summer v Winter Wedding Blog


So you’re engaged and started to plan your big day.

Your save the dates cards are sorted, you’ve started picking you guest list, and your suppliers. But one of the biggest things you need to sort and consider is the date and time of year of your wedding.


Wedding season is predominately March to September with the most popular months being July and August.


Why you ask… Well here are a few pros and cons to consider of a Spring/summer V Autumn/Winter wedding


Spring/Summer weddings


Most popular time to get married, expensive due to supply and demand, long daylight hours and mostly good weather gives you better and longer time for photos. Options for an outdoor wedding and maybe a BBQ for the evening reception. Guests feeling happier as weather better gives them chance to mingle outside. Your special day


Autumn/Winter weddings             


 As the clocks go forward the amount of daylight hours available to you reduces The weather isn’t always guaranteed. However if lighting allows you can get some lovly low light shots in autumn and the leaves on the trees give lovely colour to photos. It is often wet, windy and sometimes snow. Prices can sometimes be cheaper compared to July/August. No outdoor receptions or ceremonies. Wedding timings tend to be earlier due to darker afternoons at 4pm. No outdoor evening parties, BBQs. During the Winter in this country we often get snow and this can add to some dramatic and creative images. There is also Christmas, a nice themed wedding maybe, and with Hotels being decorated for that time of year can all add to a magical day.