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Why I recommend PreWedding shoot


Your wedding day is one of the most if not the most important days in your life. You have planned it for a long time and spent considerable money in making sure it is what you want. Long after the cake is eaten, the music is finished and your guests have gone, Your photos will be the only memories you have left to remind you of your special day..

You will be spending a big part of the day with your Photographer. He will seem like a friend to you all at the end of the day, so he needs to be someone you will get along with, someone who is polite, friendly and someone you feel comfortable with. If you are not then it will show in the photos  

A pre wedding shoot is designed to be a bit of fun and enjoyable for all parties but at the same time serious so you get to know your photographer, their photos and their style. I always recommend at least an hour together. Normally, if conditions allow at your venue so you get a feeling of how it will be on the day. Also this serves as a good point to walk through the grounds with them to point out particular places to have photos done when it comes to the private photos of you both.  Alternativly go to a local park or gardens. Its more important to get to know them and have good images than where it takes place. It also allows you to take direction from your photographer, who will guide you through the poses on the day making you more relaxed so you know what to expect..

I always ask my clients to dress casual but comfortable. A lot of the poses I do are ones that will be reproduced on the day and some that won’t. It’s more a question of getting on and being happy with them, it’s just to make you relax and enjoy the occasion and have a good time.

It’s also a good time to ask your photographer any questions or concerns you may have, they will be more than happy to answer them, also a good time to share any images or ideas you may have of your own. Having an input on how you feel or what you want is very important. Maybe you have a ‘best side’ or a particular desire to stand a certain way or side. Remember your photographer is there to work with you and create some amazing images not work against you or do things you are not comfortable with. Only you know how you feel.