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Oh no, it's that time of year again.  The Wedding Anniversary!   Most of us remember that the 25th is Silver, 40th Ruby and 50th Gold, but what about those in between. Amaze your partners by getting them a really appropriate present.

The 1st  is PAPER, on which you can write
The 2nd is COTTON, all crisp and white,
The 3rd is LEATHER, a bag or some gloves,
The 4th is BOOKS, Lady Chatterley's loves!
The 5th is WOOD, a box full of dreams,
The 6th is IRON, metal not steam
The 7th is WOOL, soft and warm
The 8th is BRONZE, metal in an elegant form
The 9th is COPPER, and 10th is TIN,
If you have got this far you are bound to win.

The 11th is STEEL, so shiny and bright             
The 12th is SILK, so soft and so light,               
The 13th is LACE, maybe a cloth for a tray,
The 14th is IVORY, leave it for Jumbo,
Its better that way!

The 15th is CRYSTAL, cut glass at its best,
The 20th CHINA, cups, plates and the rest,
The 25th is SILVER - really swell
The 30th is PEARL - from an oyster's shell
The 35th is CORAL, from under the sea
The 40th is  RUBY, as red as red can be
The 45th is SAPPHIRE - precious and blue
The 50th is GOLDEN - Congratulations to you!
The 55th is EMERALD - so green and so pure,
The 60th DIAMOND - an achievement for sure.
The last two which are reached by some
The 75th  is DIAMOND AND GOLD 
The 80th OAK **
Or something suitable for the very old!